As a ‘Man of Few Words’ (!) I shall always try to make this series of Videos, just that, FIVE Minutes! I hope they are of some use to you in your Rotary work with your Club and wider programs, always bearing in mind that we can always learn from each other. Feedback and Comments always welcome!

Video #1. 3rd September 2021

1. Keep ALL Members connected.

2. Find NEW ‘Hands-On’ Community Service Projects.

3. Find New Ways of doing Old Projects.

4. Start to Plan Now!

Video #2. 1st October 2021

1. Zoom Meetings – from L plate to P Plate

2. Zoom Meetings – from P Plate to Grand Prix

3. Be Creative INSIDE your Rotary Club

4. Be Creative OUTSIDE your Rotary Club

Video #3. 3rd November 2021

1. Be Careful

2. Be Kind

3. Be Proactive

4. Be Innovative

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